System Architecture

The ConvertibleBondBox (CBB) is the core contract for ConvertibleBonds with a few peripherial modules that assist with user experience. The peripheral modules include the following:

  • IBO Box - Used by the CBB Owner to hold an IBO (Initial Bond Offering) prior to the initialization of the CBB

  • IBO Loan Router - A simple router for wrapping an arbitrary token into it's wrapped rebasing buttonToken and tranching it prior to a deposit into the CBB. It also allows lenders to redeem their slips in a single function call.

  • IBO Box Lens - A peripheral read-only contract for viewing return amounts from calling functions

  • ConvertiblesDVLens - A peripheral read-only contract for returning data for visualization on front-end

Below is a detailed architecture diagram of the different contracts in the elastic stack, and the token flow

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